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Academic Committee

Academic Committee (A.C.) Member of IOAA 2009 Shahram Abbasi Mohammad Alijani Babak Amin Tafreshi Hosein Haghi Mahdi Khakian Mohammad Taghi Mirtorabi Alireza Molaei Nezhad Sohrab Rahvar Saeed Shami

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Modern Poems

Modern Poems Modern Persian poetry starts with Nima Yushij (1897-1959): The moonlight glimmers The glow-worm glitters, In nobody’s eyes is sleep broken and yet The woe of these several sleepers Break slumber in my wet eyes. Anxious with me stands the dawn. Urges me the morn to try and bring These lost souls the news […]

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Persian Art

Applied and Decorative: Calligraphy, the sacred art; in Iranian culture, from ancient times, dating back to the earliest days of the historic era,  to the Islamic period, writing has always been considered of divine origin. In The holly Koran, writing is deeply revered. In the ancient tradition of calligraphy, only through more than 20 years’ […]

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The language

The official language of Iran is Persian (Farsi). The Persian spoken in Iran today developed in the first two centuries after the country’s conversion to Islam in the mid-seventh century AD. The Persian spoken then, the language of the Sassanid was gradually modified by the introduction of many Arabic words; these retained their Arabic spelling, […]

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History of Iran

Iran’s history is usually studied in two eras: before Islam and after Islam. The pre-Islamic period contains five major dynasties: The Elamite with Susa as their capital city; The Medas who were the first to unify Iran politically, with their chief city being Ecbatana (modern Hamadan); The Achaemenids who made the Persian Empire by their first king […]

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Agriculture contributes just over 20% to the gross national product and employs a third of the labor force. The main food-producing areas are in the Caspian region and in the valleys of the northwest. Wheat, the most important crop, is grown mainly in the west and northwest; rice is the major crop in the Caspian […]

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Message by Former Minister of Education

The third International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics will be held in Tehran, Iran between the 17th and 26th of October, 2009. We are pleased to invite aspiring young students from all over the world to join us for a competition which we hope will spur vivacity and compassion among nations. In a competition fortuitously […]

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General Information About Iran

Map and land of Iran IRAN, officially Islamic Republic of Iran, has the area of 636,290 sq miles (1,648,000 sq km), SW Asia. The country’s name was changed from Persia to Iran in 1935. Iran is bordered on the north by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and the Caspian Sea; on the east by Afghanistan and Pakistan; […]

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Message by Acting Minister of Education

Need cash to pay for your education? Play casino games at and win cash prizes which you could use to pay for your education. Distinguished scholars, professors, organizers, honorable participants, dear guests to the 3rd International Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics, It is indeed my great pleasure to witness a lively and dynamic presence […]

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IOAA 2009 Hosting Institute

Ministry of Education Young Scholar Club West Hemat High way, Sardar Jangal Ave. Tehran, Iran

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