Modern Poems

Modern Poems

Modern Persian poetry starts with Nima Yushij (1897-1959):

The moonlight glimmers
The glow-worm glitters,
In nobody’s eyes is sleep broken and yet
The woe of these several sleepers
Break slumber in my wet eyes.
Anxious with me stands the dawn.
Urges me the morn to try and bring
These lost souls the news of its blessed breath.
Alas, in my heart a thorn
Breaks from the thought of this enterprise.
This slender-bodied flower fuse
That with my soul I planted,
And with my soul I watered,
Alas! In my arm it breaks.
Moonlight, by Nima Yushij, translated by S. Saeedpoor

and continues with many others:

There are birds
that leave their nests,
travel elsewhere
and dream of their nests.

Springs they go to winter
and dream
they are in spring.

There are birds
that leave us alone
day and night,
and dream they are with us
day and night.

You’ve seen these birds
and dream
they are with you.
The birds, by Zia Movahed( 1942 ), translated by S. Saeedpoor

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